Is the Pokketmixer comparable with other DJ-mixers?

No, it's significantly smaller, lighter, and you don't need a degree to connect and operate it. But the kicker is that it doesn't need electricity.


The Pokketmixer doesn't require batteries or electricity and has no usb slot either. It's a passive device. Imagine that the device is a piece of cable and that the music runs through just like with a cable. The signal from the playing device is sent into the Pokketmixer, where it is being modulated and comes out the other end.


So the Pokketmixer is draining the battery from my smartphone?

No, it won't take the power from the smartphone or other playing devices either. It only uses the signal which is normally meant for the headphones. Your player will run with the Pokketmixer just as long as it would without.


Great! and where is the catch?

'Phonosignals' from record players or line in/out can't normally be connected directly. Those who would like to do a set with vinyl using the Pokketmixer can do this, but will need a record player with a headphone jack.


The Pokketmixer is strictly for Headphone jacks and therefor mainly used with mobile devices and computers.


I have a soundcard. Can I hook the Pokketmixer up with it?

If the sound card can deliver a signal from which the headphones can be operated, then yes. Just try it.


What purpose does the 'EQ on/off' switch serve?

The Pokketmixer has a sound level for each channel (so called EQ) in which can change the bass, miss and highs. By using the EQ switch you're activating the equalizer. Being that the Pokketmixer is a passive device it will cause the outgoing signal to become slightly quieter.


Why doesn't the Pokketmixer have a volume adjuster ("gain") on both channels?

Since you can only connect devices to the Pokketmixer that have a headphones jack we can abstain from this feature, being that the players have their own volume adjuster.


Why is the outgoing volume quieter when going through the Pokketmixer than directly with a stereo receiver?

The maximum volume is reached when the EQ is off and the master volume is turned all the way up. This also has to do with the fact that some players volume is less once connected with headphones (this is always the case with the Pokketmixer). You can test this with your player in which you reduce the 'headphone volume' on the Pokketmixer. If the outgoing volume gets louder then you have such a player.


Furthermore there are differences with receivers, car stereo's or docking stations as well.

Your Home stereo is considered to do better than most docking stations or PC speakers. Also see 'Volume PLUS' for more information.


Can you adjust the speed of the music with the Pokketmixer?

The Pokketmixer isn't a 'controller' but rather a 'mixer'. The mixer alone can't adjust the speed. Your player needs to be able to adjust the speed which in this case requires certain apps for your smartphone or iPad, other computers also use DJ software.


Can I hear the EQ through my headphones?

Unlike most professional DJ-mixers the equalizer for the Pokketmixer isn't with the headphones but rather the master outgoing channel.


For what is the Ω (ohm) adjuster on the back? (on devices before 2014)

Use this to match the Pokketmixer with your headphones. Your headphones have an electric resistance which lays in the usual range of 32 ohm. (This is the setting of the Pokketmixer when delivered). This allows the outgoing signal to the stereo to be on a consistent level.


Approximately 95% of all headphones range in the realm of 32 ohm. If you're using headphones where this is the case then you'll need to adjust the Pokketmixer to the same settings as your headphones. (The resistance values for your headphones can be found in the technical description).



What's the difference between a classic Pokketmixer and a Pokketmixer Volume PLUS?

The Volume PLUS is louder.


In accordance with the EU guidelines, devices such as smartphones or mp3 players should not exceed a certain volume level. (iPhone's purchased in the USA are almost twice a aloud as one purchased in the EU)


Connecting your stereo with the headphones jack from am 'EU-player" will be quieter. This is why we developed the Pokketmixer Volume PLUS for the EU market. It raises the volume on your stereo by about 10 dB - making it almost sound twice as loud! and still requires no electricity.


How can this be possible with the Volume PLUS still using no electricity?

The signal to your stereo through the means of transformers is transferred at a higher level.


How am I suppose to know which Pokketmixer is the right one for me?

If you're using a player that was purchased outside the EU or even a laptop or an iPad then the classic Pokketmixer will sufficient enough. If you have a player purchased in the EU and/or have the feeling that it isn't loud enough then the  Volume PLUS will be more suitable for you.


My Volume PLUS' bass rumbles. Why is this?

The Volume PLUS also functions with 'loud' players. If the ingoing volume is too high then this problem can occur with the Volume PLUS. This is not possible with the classic Pokketmixer.


If this is the case the you need to adjust the volume on the players. It won't help turning down the master volume on the Pokketmixer or the volume of the stereo.


The loudness can't be recognized that well through the headphones, therefore one should turn the volume higher on the stereo as well as the Volume PLUS instead of on the players. Those who use loud players with the Volume PLUS will have the advantage of having the extra sound but should watch for the ingoing volume as well. With mp3's or smartphones purchased in the EU (for which the Volume PLUS was developed) a volume overload is very unlikely.