Made in Berlin

Made in Germany, Berlin

The idea for the POKKETMIXER arose at the end of 2009.
Tempted by the low prices of Gouda cheese, syrup waffles and… you know, four young people from Berlin made their way to Amsterdam. During the drive there, two of them couldn't agree on who would get to connect their MP3-player to the car stereo.

Once back at home he found, that no such device (without electricity) for the car was available. So he pondered back and forth, took his time with all sorts of electronic textbooks and got to work coming up with the so called "passive circuit." That was the seed to the POKKETMIXER. The patent application and registration of the brand soon followed.Stablogo_Made_in_Germany

We built the first handmade POKKETMIXERs in a little workshop on an island near Berlin and sold them.

From a production line in Berlin they are now distributing the POKKETMIXER worldwide. This resulted in the opening of the Flagship store in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg in September 2011.

(Hand) Made in Berlin
In the beginning the case was assembled manually piece by piece. For the first 1000 devices, we drilled 15.000 times, sawed 10.000 times and bended 4000 times apart from many other workflows. Besides, we also coated, made the silkscreen printing and inserted the electronic components manually. Finally, the whole instrument was put together and after a function test, packed for dispatching.Kultur_Kreativpilot_Pokket_2

Now for the circuit board and housing two Berlin manufacturers are assigned. In addition to that the POKKETMIXER is still put together by hand on the island Eiswerder and after a functional test packed ready for dispatch.