Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter

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Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter, 2 in 1 Digital Optical Toslink/RCA and 3.5 mm Audio Adapter/aptX HD 2 Connections for Home Audio Music Streaming Sound System, Mobile etc.

World's First aptX HD in both TX / RX Mode Powered by premium CSR8675 chipset, Bluetooth Transmitter supports the latest Bluetooth V5.0. With aptX HD, our Bluetooth transmitter / receiver can stream stable audio and deliver CD-quality sound wirelessly over Bluetooth connections.

Real-Time Audio Transmission: Bluetooth transceiver adopt the aptX Low Latency Technology in both mode, which can reduce audio lag under 40ms and let you enjoy high-quality audio in sync with the picture (Note: Your Bluetooth headphones or speaker must also support aptX LL / aptX as well.)

Long Battery Life: Internal battery provides Bluetooth adapter for more than 24 HOURS of use after 3 hours charging time. Unlike those Bluetooth adapter just stop working within 20 hours. It also supports charging and streaming simultaneously.

OPTICAL+RCA+3.5MM: Apart from 3.5mm Aux / RCA connection, HiGoing Bluetooth Adapter also supports optical cable input / output. With provided optical cable, you can enjoy high-quality digital sound through multiple audio outputs, such as wired stereo, speakers, or headphones.

Double Connection and Auto Reconnect: Under TX mode, two Bluetooth headphones can be paired at once; Under RX mode, two smart devices can be paired for playing different songs. Record 8 devices and automatically re-pairing with existing paired devices.